Jr. Kindergarten

Miss Tammy, Miss Stephanie & Miss Macey

Course outline

Themes: All About Me, Our 5 Senses
Language Arts: Alphabet Knowledge: Capital Letters, Name Practice, Capital Letters: F, E, & D
Math: #1 & 2, Sorting by Color, One-to-one, Same/Different, Before/After, In/Out
Shape: Triangle
Color: Blue
Science: Living Things Grow
Dramatic Play: Happy Trails Happy Campers Kitchen

Themes: Life on the Farm, Amazing Autumn
Language Arts: Capital Letters: P, B, R, N, M, H, K & Name Practice
Sight Words: here, is, the, a
Math: #3, Sorting by Size, Making a Set, In/Out, Top/Middle/Bottom
Shape: Circle
Color: Red & Green
Science: Apple Science
Cooking: Apple Tasting
Dramatic Play: Farmer Annie's Apple Orchard
Healthy Habits: Cooking with Apples
Themes: Pumpkins, Scarecrows, & Sunflowers
Language Arts: Capital Letters: L, U, W, V, X & Name Practice
Sight Words: love, orange, his, has
Math: #4, 5, 6, Counting 1-10, Simple Patterns, Ordinal Numbers, Compare Length, Over/Under, Above/Below
Shape: Oval
Color: Orange
Science: Pumpkin Life Cycle
Cooking: Pumpkin Pie in a Cup
Dramatic Play: Autumn's Pumpkin Patch
Healthy Habits: Recipe for a Healthy Weekend (Pg. 38)
Themes: Turkey Time & Thanksgiving
Language Arts: Capital Letters: Y, Z, C, O, Q, G, S & Name Practice
Sight Words: come, are, for
Math: #7, Counting 1-10, Simple Patterns, Sort by Shapes, Graphing
Shape: Rectangle, Square
Color: Brown, Yellow
Science: Dancing Popcorn
Cooking: Harvest Blessing Mix
Dramatic Play: Cornerstone Country Market
Healthy Habits: Healthy Day Hunt (Pg. 83)
Themes: Christmas, "A King is Born"
Language Arts: Capital Letters: A, I, T, J, Review: C, O, Q, G, S & Name Practice
Sight Words: Jesus, to, put
Math: #8, Counting 1-10, Matching, Simple Patterns
Shape: Star
Color: Silver, Gold
Science: Skittles Experiment
Cooking: Crock Pot Hot Cocoa
Dramatic Play: Whispering Pines Cocoa Café
Healthy Habits: Bringing it all Together (Pg. 77)
Themes: Arctic/Polar Animals
Language Arts: Lowercase Letters: c, o, s, v, w, a, d & Name Practice (First & Last Name)
Sight Words: what, said, was, off
Math: #9 & 10, Counting 1-20, Sets, Narrow/Wide, Heavy/Light
Shape: Diamond
Color: White, Black, Gray
Science: Arctic/Polar Animals in Winter
Cooking: Penguin Pudding Cups
Dramatic Play: Arctic Express Ice-Cream Parlor
Healthy Habits: Go & Grow (Pg. 23)
Themes: Hibernating Bears, Valentine's Day
Language Arts: Lowercase Letters: g, u, i, e, l, k, y, j, p & Name Practice (In Title Case)
Sight Words: give, have, of, you
Math: Counting 1-20, More/Less, Patterns/Sets, Order by Size
Shape: Heart
Color: Pink, Purple
Science: What is Hibernation?
Cooking: Teddy Bear Snack
Dramatic Play: Valentino's Post Office
Healthy Habits: Sometime & Anytime Foods (Pg. 100)
Themes: All Things Spring
Language Arts: Lowercase Letters: r, n, m, h, b, f, q & Name Practice (In Title Case)
Sight Words: they, two, want, some
Math: Counting 1-20, Extending Patterns, Measuring
Shape: Arch
Color: Colors of the Rainbow
Science: Rainbow Color Science
Cooking: Rainbow Fruit Kabobs
Dramatic Play: Rocky Mountain Pizza Kitchen
Healthy Habits: Fruit & Veggie Rainbow (Pg. 98-99)
Themes: Bug & Plant Life, Easter - Jesus is Alive
Language Arts: Lowercase Letters: x, z, Review & Name Practice (In Title Case)
Sight Words: do, who, one
Math: Counting 1-20, Identify Shapes, Sequencing
Shape: Cross
Color: Pastels
Science: Butterfly Life Cycle Science
Cooking: Butterfly Life Cycle Snack
Dramatic Play Busy Bee's Flower Shop
Healthy Habits: Movement Cub (Pg. 15)
Themes: Community Helpers
Language Arts: Review
Sight Words: Review Sight Words
Math: Counting 1-20, Sequencing, Sorting Shapes, Divide a Whole into Halves
Shape: Review Shapes
Color: Review Colors
Science: Energy Stick
Cooking: Traffic Light Snack
Dramatic Play: Good Samaritan Vet Clinic
Healthy Habits: Sesame Super Stretch (Pg. 31) 

Daily Schedule

6:30-8:00am -- Morning Daycare
8:15-8:30am -- Arrival/Sign In/Wash Hands & Free Choice Activities
8:45am -- Circle Time
9:00am -- Chapel
9:35am -- Outdoor Classroom
10:05am -- Wash Hands/Snack
10:35am -- Circle Time & Small Group Learning Centers Introduced
10:45am -- Small Group Learning Centers
11:45am -- Music & Movement
12:00pm -- Story Time/Wash Hands & Half-day Students Picked-Up
12:10pm -- Lunch Time
12:30pm -- Lunch Bunch Students Picked-Up
12:50pm -- Transition to Nap
1:00pm -- Lights Out for Nap Time
3:00pm -- Free Choice Activities
3:45pm -- Snack
4:15pm -- Outdoor Play
5:15pm -- Indoor Activities
6:00pm -- All Students Picked-Up & School Closes