Miss Heather, Miss Yolanda & Miss Lori 

Course outline

Themes: Back to School, God Made Me, God Made My Family
Language Arts: Alphabet Knowledge, Pre-Writing Skills, Name Recognition
Math: Counting 1-10, Sorting by Color, One-to-One, Same/Different, Before/After, In/Out
Shape: Circle
Color: Red
Science: Fingerprints, Hard vs. Soft
Cooking: Taste Test of Fruits & Veggies
Dramatic Play: Home Sweet Home
Healthy Habits: Sneeze & Cough Cover Up

Themes: Feelings & Friendship, All About Apples, Fall
Language Arts: Alphabet Knowledge, Pre-Writing Skills, Letter Formation, Name Recognition
Sight Words: here, is, the, a
Math: Counting 1-10, Sorting by Size, Making a Set, In/Out, Top/Middle/Bottom
Shape: Square
Color: Yellow
Science: 5 Senses, Leaves in Fall, Water in Apples Experiment
Cooking: Apple "Donuts," Edible Mat Man
Dramatic Play: Anytime/Sometime Market
Healthy Habits: Anytime/Sometime Foods (Pg. 53), Apple Tasting (Pg. 52)
Themes: Pumpkins, Fire Safety, Owls
Language Arts: Forming Letters: L, F, E, H, T & Name Practice
Sight Words: love, orange, his, has
Math: Forming #1, 2, 3, Counting 1-10, Simple Patterns, Ordinal Numbers, Compare Length, Over/Under, Above/Below
Shape: Rectangle
Color: Orange, Mixing Red & Yellow
Science: Leaves & Seeds, Mini Pumpkin Volcano
Cooking: Taste Test of Oranges vs. Tangerines, Pumpkin Patch Pudding
Dramatic Play: Pumpkin Patch, Fire Fighters & their Fire Engine
Healthy Habits: The Heart Dance (Pg. 21), Get Up & Move (Pg. 25)
Themes: Nursery Rhymes, Thanksgiving & Sharing
Language Arts: Forming Letters: I, U, C & Name Practice
Sight Words: come, are, for
Math: Forming #4, Counting 1-10, Simple Patterns, Sort by Shapes, Graphing
Shape: Triangle
Color: Brown
Science: Dancing Popcorn
Cooking: Candy Corn, Turkey Cookies
Dramatic Play: The First Thanksgiving Feast
Healthy Habits: Listen to Your Body (Pg. 30), Sesame Super Stretch (Pg. 32)
Themes: Christmas, Gingerbread Boy, Happy Birthday Jesus
Language Arts: Forming Letters: O, Q, G & Name Practice
Sight Words: Jesus, to, put
Math: Forming #5, Counting 1-10, Matching, Simple Patterns
Shape: Star
Color: Green, Red, Gold
Science: Stars
Cooking: Cinnamon Gingerbread Ornaments, Frost Christmas Cookies
Dramatic Play: Cozy Christmas Cottage
Healthy Habits: Remember Your Manners
Themes: Winter, Penguins, Bears
Language Arts: Forming Letters: S, J, D & Name Practice (First & Last Name)
Sight Words: what, said, was, off
Math: Forming #6 & 7, Counting 1-20, Sets, Narrow/Wide, Heavy/Light
Shape: Diamond
Color: Silver, Blue, White
Science: Winter, Melting Ice Experiment (STEM), Hibernation
Cooking: Marshmallow Snowmen
Dramatic Play: Hot Cocoa Cafe
Healthy Habits: 5 Food Groups (Pg. 61)
Themes: Love, Community Helpers, Transportation
Language Arts: Forming Letters: P, B, R, K & Name Practice (First & Last Name)
Sight Words: give, have, of, you
Math: Forming #8 & 9, Counting 1-20, More/Less, Patterns/Sets, Order by Size
Shape: Heart
Color: Pink, Purple
Science: Which Weighs More? (STEM)
Cooking: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Edible Traffic Light
Dramatic Play: Animal Hospital
Healthy Habits: Hungry/Full Meter (Pg. 65), Choose a Move (Pg. 71)
Themes: Weather & Rainbows, Bugs & Butterflies, Dr. Seuss
Language Arts: Forming Letters: A, M, N, V & Name Practice (First & Last Name)
Sight Words: they, two, want, some
Math: Forming #10, Counting 1-20, Extending Patterns, Measuring
Shape: Oval, Arch
Color: Rainbow
Science: Cloud in a Jar (STEM), Weather, Plants, Butterfly Life Cycle
Cooking: Rainbow Fruit Kabobs
Dramatic Play: Pizza Kitchen
Healthy Habits: Healthy Choice Voice (Pg. 80)
Themes: Easter, Farm Animals
Language Arts: Forming Letters: W, X, Y, Z & Name Practice (First & Last Name)
Sight Words: do, who, one
Math: Forming #11-18, Counting 1-20, Identify Shapes, Sequencing
Shape: Cross
Color: Pastels
Science: Marvelous Magnets (STEM), Floats/Sinks
Cooking: Empty Tomb Treat
Dramatic Play: Lemonade Stand
Healthy Habits: Healthy Hunt (Pg. 84)
Themes: Frogs, Ocean
Language Arts: Review All Letters, Name Practice (First & Last Name)
Sight Words: Review
Math: Forming #19 & 20, Counting 1-20, Sequencing, Sorting Shapes, Divide a Whole into Halves
Shape: Review All Shapes
Color: Black & Gray, Review All Colors
Science: Octopus Science Experiment, Color Mixing Lab (STEM)
Cooking: Ocean Jell-O
Dramatic Play: At the Beach
Healthy Habits: Cookie, Cookie, Cucumber! (Pg. 89)        

Daily Schedule

6:30-8:00am -- Morning Daycare
8:15-8:30am -- Arrival/Sign In/Wash Hands & Free Choice Activities
8:45am -- Circle Time
9:00am -- Chapel
9:35am -- Recess
10:05am --Wash Hands for Snack
10:10am -- Snack
10:40am -- Circle Time & Small Group Learning Centers Introduced
10:45am -- Small Group Learning Centers
11:50am -- Music & Movement
12:00pm -- Story Time/Wash Hands & Half-day Students Picked-Up
12:10pm -- Lunch Time
12:30pm -- Lunch Bunch Students Picked-Up
12:50pm -- Transition to Nap
1:00pm -- Lights Out for Nap Time
3:00pm -- Free Choice Activities
3:45pm -- Snack
4:15pm -- Outdoor Play
5:15pm -- Indoor Activities
6:00pm -- All Students Picked-Up & School Closes