Snacks, Meals, &
Lunch Bunch Info

Snacks & Meals

All preschoolers are provided with healthy snacks. A copy of the snack menu will be sent home each month and posted in the preschool classrooms as well as on our website. Any special diet issues should be discussed with your child’s teacher. Lunchtime is a fun, social opportunity for children, where much learning takes place. During this time, the teachers have the opportunity to naturally converse about good nutrition and healthy eating habits. Children will learn manners and self-help skills. The teachers will encourage the children to eat a good portion of their lunch and to try new foods.

Lunch Bunch

We offer Lunch Bunch to our half-day students that would like to stay and eat lunch with their friends and teachers. Lunch Bunch can be prearranged with your child’s teacher or you can sign-up in the morning when you sign your child in for the day. There is a minimal cost for this program.