Volunteer Information

Important Volunteer Information

Thank you for offering your time, your gifts, your talents, and your love to the students and staff at CMCS. Our school is unique and richly blessed because of the parent involvement we have. Calvary Murrieta Christian Schools has many opportunities for parents to volunteer.  You can help out in the classroom, volunteer in the office, on the playground, or in the parking lot, and you can volunteer from home by grading papers, preparing crafts, and much, much more.  If you want to volunteer at Calvary Murrieta Christian Schools we ask that you take care of a few important things first:
  • Complete a Volunteer Application Form
  • Provide proof of a negative TB test (good for 4 years or 2 years for Kitchen service)
  • Provide proof of the MMR vaccine
  • Provide proof of the Pertussis vaccine (dTAP)
  • Provide proof or a decline letter for the flu shot (required annually)
  • Livescan Fingerprint Clearance
  • Read and comply with our Volunteer Policy and Dress Code
  • Arrange a volunteer schedule with your child’s teacher
  • Sign in at the office and get your name tag (must be worn at all times while on campus)
  • Sign out in the office when you are done volunteering
  • Complete and submit a Volunteer Driver’s Application if transporting students for class events.

Livescan Fingerprint Clearance

All volunteers must be cleared through livescan in order to assist in the classroom. You can complete this process by contacting Live Mobile Solutions to set up an appointment.
Live Mobile Solutions: (951) 265-1815
25185 Madison Avenue, Suite A
Murrieta, CA 92562 *Appointments Only
What to bring:
  1. Request for Livescan Form (available in office)
  2. Driver’s License
  3. $35 – cash, check or credit cards accepted

A Few Additional Notes

We ask that you not bring siblings with you when you volunteer or while chaperoning on field trips.
Volunteer Schedule
Once you have completed the volunteer requirements, you must arrange a schedule with your child’s teacher.   Please adhere to this schedule. Teachers count on you to be there on your scheduled day/time.  If for some reason you are unable to make it on your scheduled day, please notify the teacher as soon as possible, or if you are able to, find a replacement to fill in for you.  This is especially helpful for reading circles, homework packs and craft projects.
Confidentiality & Impartiality
It is important to remember that your capacity in the class is that of a volunteer. Please do not show favoritism for your child and please do not show any judgment against other student’s behavior, attitude, etc. Please do not speak to anyone but the teacher about what you observe in the classroom, student’s grades or student behavior .Please be especially sensitive to this… by not taking it home and discussing it with other family members. Your child could pick up on this and kids could get hurt.
Special Privileges
Being a parent volunteer does not avail you to any special privileges, except that of being able to volunteer in your child’s classroom so we ask that you not pick your child up early when volunteering or drop in classes unexpectedly.
Office Machines
The office staff is happy to provide training on the different machines available to use in the workroom, such as the Copier, and Die Cuts. If you are unsure how to use these machines, please ask any office person to help you. The laminator may only be used by the office staff.
Dress Code
We ask that while on campus, field trips and school events that you follow the CMCS Dress Code. If you are out of dress code, the staff has been instructed to offer you an appropriate item to wear while on campus. Please help us avoid this uncomfortable situation by complying with the dress code.
We appreciate your support and look forward to a great school year!